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E-book: Twenty-Five Tips to Creating Memorable Sunrise and Sunset Photos

Articles & Editorials

Developing Your Brand
SMPS The Marketer, June 2011

Creating A Powerful Personal Brand
Central PA AIA Architext, Summer 2011

Social Media: A Short Primer
Central PA AIA Architext, Winter 2010

AEC Project Photography Survey
JDB Engineering Blog, March 4, 2011

Spring is for Photography
Central PA AIA Architext and JDB Engineering Blog

Which Way is Up?
JDB Engineering Blog, December 1, 2010

Marketing Tip: The Value of Direct Mail
Central PA AIA Architext, July 2010

Branding York – if we can ever decide on a brand
York Sunday News, December 27, 2009

Historic Preservation: The Ultimate in Green Building
Lancaster County Heritage Outlook, Fall 2009

Belsnickel & Belly-Guts: Holiday Traditions of York Past
York Sunday News, December 14, 2008

Lafayette Toast More Myth Than Fact
York Daily Record, February 4, 2007

Starry Nights in York
Pennsylvania Magazine, November/December 2004

York’s Historic Architecture, Part III
Showcase PA, April 2004

York’s Historic Architecture, Part II
Showcase PA, February/March 2004

York’s Historic Architecture, Part I
Showcase PA, January 2004

Marketing on the Internet: A Primer
Writers’ Journal, January/February 2002

The Red Gristmill in York County
Pennsylvania Magazine, July/August 2001

Does the Internet Herald the Death of Customer Service?
SMPS Marketer, April 2000

Is Your Web Site Giving Away Your Staff? Part II
PSMJ Best Practices, May 1999

Is Your Web Site Giving Away Too Much Information? Part I
PSMJ Best Practices, April 1999

Heads Up in York
Pennsylvania Magazine, March/April 1999

Expand Your Market Through Satellite Offices
SMPS Marketer, December 1998

Low Cost Public Relations
Pennsylvania Contractor, November/December 1998

Life in the Jungle: A Guerilla Marketing Primer
Pennsylvania Contractor, September/October 1998

Planning for Marketing: How’s Your Map? A Simplified Approach to Developing Winning Marketing Plans
SMPS Marketer, October 1997

Promoting Specialty Business Through Director Mail
National Electrical Contractors Association Marketing Advice & Customer Relations Report, April 1994

Organizing for Business Development
National Electrical Contractors Association Marketing Advice & Customer Relations Report, May 1993

Giving Utilities the Cold Shoulder
The Military Engineer, September-October 1992