York: America’s Historic Crossroads

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York has been has been at the crossroads of American history for over 265 years. The first town west of the Susquehanna River, it was an early gateway for westward migration, played roles in both the American Revolution and Civil War, and contributed greatly to the Industrial Revolution. Take a tour of this historic town from humble eighteenth century buildings withstanding the test of time to the brand new office towers that herald a twenty-first century revitalization. The façades of York tell stories about early settlement, the fight for independence, economic prosperity, decline, and rebirth. The streets are an open-air gallery of architectural achievement, offering a diverse array of styles encompassing portions of four centuries. Beautiful photographs and stories showcase the charm and wonder of a small-town growing into a community of historic relevance.

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“York County author and fellow blogger Scott Butcher has produced a hard-cover photo book that stands out among such works in two ways. First, drawing on his wide knowledge of local architecture, he gives detailed descriptions in his ‘York: America’s Historic Crossroads’ about the the 200 color photos in this recently released book…Secondly, Butcher explores myths and sacred traditions on more than one occasion, unusual for such a book…”

- James McClure, author of Never to be Forgotten and East of Gettysburg

“I have spent much enjoyable time with you splendid new book and I want to offer my congratulations on a really first rate publication.  It is outstanding in every aspect: the photos in particular are remarkable; the text is informative and interesting; and the type and layout are pleasing to the eye. All in all it is a book that does you great credit and in which you are entitled to take much pride and satisfaction.”

- LJA, Community Leader