So You Wanna Write A Book?

Posted on 08/08/10 No Comments

According to a recent survey, 80% of American adults believe that they “have a book in them,” waiting to be written.  Over 275,000 books were released last year through traditional publishers, with another 285,000 books being self-published or released through non-traditional sources.  But what is the book industry all about?  How long are the odds for those seeking to get published?  And once a book has been published, what is the likelihood that it will even sell more than a hundred copies or end up on the shelves of a local bookstore (hint: not good)?  Scott Butcher is the author of more than ten books and has worked with several national / international publishers.  He has also self-published.  Scott extensively researched the publishing industry, interviewed fellow authors and publishing industry representatives, and compiled a number of very surprising statistics into a captivating presentation that shows why writing is better suited as a passion or hobby rather than a wise career choice!