Reputation Management for AEC Professionals

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I’m a big believer in the power of personal brands – clients don’t hire companies, they hire people.  Over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to present on the topic at SMPS Build Business as well as several SMPS regional conferences and chapters.  Recently, with my friend Bill Long, I had the opportunity to present on the topic of Reputation Management for Design & Constrution Professionals, and we have several presentations lined up.  I’ve been working with design and construction professionals for more than two decades, and I’ve seen a marketing trend that elevates the importance of the individual team members above the experience of the company.  The positive reactions to the presentations and changes in the way we market inspired me to write a book on the topic. 

The focus is on AEC technical staff – the design and construction “doers” as opposed to the marketers (unless the marketer happens to have a technical background and license).  The book is pretty far along, and I have quite a few case studies to include.  However, I’d like to compile additional case studies for the book and any presentations related to the topic.  It is a great chance to showcase technical staff (building their brand in the process!)!

I’m looking for architects, engineers (civil, strutural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, environmental, etc.), estimators, project managers, interior designers, construction managers, planners, and everyone in between.  My book on reputation management is broken into various tools that a professional can use to make a name for themself.  If you are such a professional – or work with one – I’d greatly appreciate a response to the mini-surveys linked below. 

For the AEC Professional:

Is there one particular thing that you’ve done or experienced that greatly benefitted your career and built your reputation along the way? By building your reputation I’m referring to something that helped your company land work, helped you land a new job, resulted in an invite to speak to an organization or present at a conference, created an opportunity to write for publication, got the media (industry/local/regional/client/etc.) to call you for information or an interview, etc.  Basically, how did you build a positive reputation?

Look at the categories below, and click the related link to take a 4 or 5 minute survey.  Maybe you have a unique license or certification that helped bring work into the company.  Maybe you wrote an article that resulted in requests to speak.  Maybe you have so much knowledge on a certain topic that the media regularly calls you for information.  Or maybe you coach your kid’s soccer team and the relationships developed there have led to new career opportunties.  If I include your case study in the book, I’ll also include a photo of you!

The questions are simple – who you are, where you work, how I can get in touch with you, and a few specific questions related to the tool.  How have you used the tool, how has it enhanced your reputation, and do you have any interesting stories about how one thing led to another?  Pretty basic stuff – I’m only looking for a few paragraphs of content for each case study.

Here are the categories (and links).  Again, I’m only asking you to complete the survey related to one (or two) tools that you use.  Thank you for your participation!

Education & Training

Licenses & Certifications

Questions?  Contact me at  I’d be happy to email the questions to you, if you would prefer to respond that way.  Or we can even do a telephone interview.  Whatever works best for you.
Thank you for your interest and participation in this survey!
Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM
Vice President, JDB Engineering, Inc.
Trustee, SMPS Foundation

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